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Elizabeth Rhodes

Elizabeth Rhodes is a designer living in Portland Oregon. Her specialties range from illustration, to UX design. Elizabeth is a mother to Alora - a loud, strong, fierce human. Her partner Russell was a huge inspiration for the creation of this book. Russell identifies as a feminist and proudly teaches Alora to expect equality.

Elizabeth is an advocate for women’s rights and a self-proclaimed feminist. She believes that feminism is for all genders, including boys. Elizabeth created the feminism is for boys book in an effort to normalize boys as feminists. It has been a common misconception in our culture that feminism is reserved for women, and is pursued at the detriment of men. This is not the case. In fact, when feminism is truly successful, all genders will benefit. Whether it be from obtaining equal pay, or eradicating gender stereotypes, all genders will find that equality of the sexes brings more opportunity, and more unity to each individual person.  

Elizabeth hopes that parents will find this book useful in helping inspire boys to connect with the word feminist, as well as show children a book representing diverse boys that are proud of their interests, express emotions confidently, seek friendships outside of their similarities, and believe unapologetically in true equality.